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Aaminah Khan
Aaminah Khan, a.k.a. jaythenerdkid, is a refugee support worker, writer and some-time human rights activist living in North Queensland. Her greatest accomplishments include quitting medical school and getting Richard Dawkins to block her during a Twitter debate. Find her on Twitter (@jaythenerdkid) or Facebook (/itsjaythenerdkid), where she fangirls the Indianapolis Colts, rants about social justice and gushes about her long-suffering mother's infinite patience.

Entries by Aaminah Khan

10 Ways to Be a Better Male Feminist

(711) Comments | Posted November 6, 2013 | 3:22 PM

Who says I'm always negative? Leaving aside the substantial evidence in the form of blog posts, angry Twitter rants and the rages that overtake me when my football team isn't winning, I assure you I'm capable of being reasonable, constructive and even -- make sure you're sitting down for this...

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