A Reason for Optimism in D.C.

04/18/2013 01:31 pm ET | Updated Jun 18, 2013

The pro bono movement has such a strong connection to our nation's capital. It is where in 1942, the Ad Council was born to engage the advertising community in supporting the war-effort. It is where 20 years later, JFK called on the legal community to engage in pro bono work to enforce new civil rights laws. And more recently, it is where the Taproot Foundation lobbied President George W. Bush's administration to create Billion + Change, a campaign to rally companies to donate their professional talent to help move the needle on pressing community issues.

Today, the Billion + Change campaign has succeed to generating nearly $2 billion in pledges from more than 300 of America's top brands including HP, IBM and PwC. This includes over 40 companies in the D.C. region and the campaign is celebrating this tremendous success with 200 local business leaders on April 22nd, including several pro bono pioneers and long-time Taproot partners, Capital One and Deloitte.

Under the management of President George Bush's Points of Light Institute, the campaign is poised to reach its goal of 500 companies by the end of the year. This is a testament to how government, community and corporate leadership can truly partner to make a difference that matters.

We hope that our nation's capital sees this success as an inspiration for what is possible in helping people in the region but also see it as a model for better collaboration and partnership in addressing our national priorities.