05/10/2010 12:46 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Betty White Must Co-Host the Emmy Awards

The numbers are in from Saturday Night Live hosted by Betty White. Apparently, they had the best ratings in over a year and a half. That should be proof enough for the Emmy Awards to consider having Betty White co-host the August 29 telecast alongside Jimmy Fallon, who I am sure is a lovely guy, but will he be a ratings winner? The Betty White Saturday Night Live was by far the best show in centuries. Well, the show has been on for that long, right? You can not compare her to the many quasi-interesting hosts from this season like January Jones, Gerard Butler, Blake Lively or Taylor Swift. Come on. And most of the skits were really funny, too... a real feat. So, now that we see that Betty White can hold her own... still... on live television... seeing that she started it... I say let's immediately add Betty White to the line-up along with Jimmy Fallon for hosting services on the next Emmy Awards. Let's face it, ratings of awards shows are going down and the hosts of these awards shows rarely go over well. Neil Patrick Harris has been overused and should stay out of the fray for a while. The year when Conan O'Brien hosted was a fotz. And (B) What were they thinking the year before that when they had this unlikely quintinella with Tom Bergeron (what?), Howie Manel, Heidi Klum, Jeff Probst and Ryan Seacrest...who could also stand to take a day off, too. Let's face it, Betty White IS television and with good writing, it will be a slam dunk. So, I am officially putting Betty White's hat in the ring to co-host the 2010 Emmy Awards. All in favor say, "Ay".

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