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Rachel Zoe vs. Snooki: Style Off

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Rachel Zoe or Snooki? Who'd you rather?

The Rachel Zoe vs. Snooki competition is on, but the question is, "Is it fierce?" It just so happens that both Rachel Zoe and Snooki have been featured in assorted publications styling photo shoots. One begs the question, now that The Rachel Zoe Project and Jersey Shore are winding down, with these two reality show divas be going toe-to-toe -- or head-to-toe -- competing for styling work? Granted, Rachel Zoe was styling a real fashion shoot for Coach Christmas starring YouTube singing sensations Karmin in Women's Wear Daily, while Snooki was styling something that spoke to more of a Kardashian Kristmas for the New York Daily News Fashion, which is also more of an oxymoron really. But not as oxymoron-ish as what Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi said of her style, "My brand is called Snooki Couture because I'm more mature now. I mean, I'm a mom," she says. Now if that ain't reason enough to make no sense, what is? The only thing Snooki has in common with anything couture related is that she has tiny hands, which is the translated term for the hand work done in Paris on actual couture pieces, petites mains.

The Rachel Zoe vs. Snooki battle royale is sure to leave no one riveted, but I could not help noticing that they both like black, hippie, floppy hats. So you do the math, does Snooki pose a threat to not only Rachel Zoe, but to Hedi Slimane of Yves Saint Laurent -- correction, Saint Laurent Paris -- since he too showed lots of black '70s hippie hats this season in Paris. Which all begs the question, where are we in fashion if Snooki and Rachel Zoe can land in the same sentence along with Yves Saint Laurent? Where will we turn for our styling news if they all meld into one long black hat statement of what is "in." As I predicted here before on many occasions, "Is the end of the world nigh?"

Perhaps not, but more to the point, does this mean that literally everyone on earth will start a fashion line sooner or later? And if so, what should mine be called? End of World Nigh Couture?