Canon 5D Captures Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights' New Video

11/24/2010 04:08 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

DSLR cameras are currently all the rage for indie filmmakers, especially since Lena Dunham's Tiny Furniture took top honors at South by Southwest this past March. That was shot with a Canon 7D, and I've been looking into all the different types of DSLR's as I prepare to shoot my next feature.

I recently had the chance to catch up with a friend of mine, Dylan Mulick. He's a really talented writer/director who has been busy directing some excellent music videos for Jemina Pearl, The Meek, and more.

Turns out Dylan created his latest masterpiece, the video for Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights' "Gypsy Woman," with a Canon 5D for Atlantic Records. I was curious why he chose to go with the Canon 5D, so I spoke briefly to him, his producer (Kevin Harding), and his director of photography (Jon Fordham).

The three of them consider the 5D to be a godsend for making low budget music videos and indie films. It offers a larger and superior sensor than the 7D, more freedom with exposure, and it works great under low-light conditions. It was Dylan's first time using the 5D and he fell in love with the ease of the work flow. The footage is literally ready to edit hours after shooting upon transcoding.

They made "Gypsy Woman" on a road trip from Los Angeles to Dallas and felt it wouldn't have been possible with a more cumbersome camera like the Red. When it comes to making low budget music videos or movies, having a smaller production footprint is always beneficial; and the Canon 5D makes it possible.

Anyway, the video looks great, the song rocks, and Dylan and his crew did an amazing job on a tight budget with the 5D (and a few parts with an 8mm camcorder). Check it out!