A Review of Donald Glover's Debut Rap Album, "Culdesac"

09/01/2010 01:55 pm ET | Updated Sep 07, 2011
  • Abe Schwartz Screenwriter, Copywriter, Producer, Director, Consumer

Donald Glover's a funny guy. I liked his stand-up special a lot and much of what I've seen from him on Community. He just dropped his debut rap album as Childish Gambino, "Culdesac." Unfortunately, it makes him come off like an egomaniac with a chip on his shoulder because people don't consider him hard. He claims he's "original" many times on it, but imitates Kanye, Kid Cudi, Drake, and Lil' Wayne's styles all over the place. He has some quality punch lines, though brags excessively (about collaborating with Tina Fey, really) and alsodrops the "n" word excessively like he thinks he's Tupac.

It becomes clear from listening to "Culdesac" that Glover thinks he's on the highest creative level possible, a la Tupac, and maybe in his own way he is. Glover has accomplished a lot by his mid-20s, and props for that, but what is he trying to gain by bragging about spending $10,000 on a jacket? It's like he's purposely trying to tear apart any "everyman" appeal he may have with this project. I'm not sure what Glover's trying to accomplish, other than be provocative. I just wish it was funnier or more humble, or a combo of the two. Someone get Donald Glover some Atmosphere albums ASAP.

I didn't realize Donald Glover took himself and his talents so seriously. It's also a little odd that he has to constantly remind the listener that he sleeps with women ... enough to almost make you wonder, though who really cares?

The album is free, which was very cool move on Glover's part. He knows his audience. I'd just love to see him really prove how different he is with more edgy stand-up. There are way too many mediocre rappers -- there aren't enough quality stand-up comedians, and Donald Glover could prove to be an exceptional one. In other words, I hope he doesn't quit his day job.

I recommend listening to this album once while being really honest with how you feel about it. Please leave any and all comments below!