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Adam Clampitt

Blog Entries by Adam Clampitt

Mayor Gray Fights Crime

Posted February 13, 2012 | 02/13/12 12:07 PM ET

On Friday, Mayor Gray held a joint press conference with Chief Cathy Lanier to address the dramatic increase of street theft, particularly of mobile devices. Five hundred robberies have been reported since the beginning of the year either on the Metro or on the street. The new epidemic of "snatch-and-grab"...

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Made in the USA: It's More Complex Than You Think

5 Comments | Posted January 23, 2012 | 01/23/12 11:36 AM ET

In today's political discourse, it is commonplace for the left to berate major corporations for moving jobs overseas in order to pad profits through the use of cheap labor. It is an argument that easily fits into sound bites and is used to explain away rising unemployment and the death...

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Make the One City Summit a Success

1 Comments | Posted January 20, 2012 | 01/20/12 07:10 PM ET

On February 11th residents of the District of Columbia will have an unprecedented opportunity to make their voices heard beyond demonstrations and the ballot box. In what will be a rare event for any city, Washingtonians are invited to the Walter Washington convention center for the One City...

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A Post-Marriage Society?

3 Comments | Posted January 9, 2012 | 01/09/12 02:33 PM ET

As a resident of Washington, D.C., I am no stranger to the modern lifestyle. While I am now happily married, I waited longer than most to tie the knot and spent many years putting my career before finding that special someone. Many of my friends and colleagues are still single...

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One Path to Crime Reduction

4 Comments | Posted December 30, 2011 | 12/30/11 06:17 PM ET

In the 30-day period ending last week, there were 15 non-weapon-related robberies in the Capitol Hill neighborhood near Eastern Market. This is a dramatic increase from just the single incident that occurred here during the same period last year. Sociologists and other experts may pontificate about the reasons...

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D.C.'s (And America's) Aging Infrastructure

Posted December 12, 2011 | 12/12/11 03:42 PM ET

It is no secret that our nation's infrastructure is under stress.  Bridges are aging, our roads are littered with potholes, the quality of our rail system is decades behind nations like Japan and France, and if you have ever traveled overseas, you will notice how dilapidated our airports have become...

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Remembering Our Veterans

Posted November 11, 2011 | 11/11/11 10:23 AM ET

Today we celebrate and honor the service and sacrifice given to the United States by our veterans. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, there are 23.8 million living veterans in our country today, making up roughly 8 percent of the U.S. population. As a veteran of...

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D.C. Politics Is Broken

Posted November 2, 2011 | 11/02/11 08:09 PM ET

Pundits, activists and even elected officials from around the country have described our political system as broken. While our branches of government and two-party system were designed to include checks and balances, many Americans feel that something has gone terribly wrong. A popular belief is that corporate interests and a...

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The Biggest Infrastructure Project You've Probably Never Heard Of

Posted October 12, 2011 | 10/12/11 11:25 AM ET

Today is the groundbreaking of the National Capital region's largest infrastructure project since the construction of Metrorail in the 1970s. The District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority, more commonly known as D.C. Water, is beginning a 20-year, $2.6 billion initiative, known as the Clean Rivers Project, consisting...

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The Mayor's Record

Posted September 29, 2011 | 09/29/11 05:26 PM ET

This posting will be a different from what you have come to expect when reading about Mayor Gray. Most coverage of the mayor over the past year has focused on unsubstantiated accusations of bribery in his campaign, whether his former deputy chief-of-staff voted in Maryland, or if family members of...

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Crisis for Local Veterans

Posted September 15, 2011 | 09/15/11 01:21 AM ET

With the recent passing of the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it's important to reflect on the service and sacrifice that our military service members and veterans have made to keep this nation safe. While support ebbs and flows for America's operations abroad, it must remain constant for the...

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