Imagine Cup Dispatch: Who Will Win?

07/06/2010 04:07 pm 16:07:25 | Updated May 25, 2011

WARSAW - Are you cheering for team Jacob or Edward? Malaysia or Malta? Germany or Romania? Whoever your favorite is, this is the place for a full list of finalists and winners.

The announcements of rounds two and three were made Sunday and Monday in the Palace of Culture and garnered deafening cheers. Finalists presented one last time on the Polish National Opera House stage Wednesday and winners were revealed Thursday.


Software Design
Competitors created software that uses technology to solve the world's biggest problems. With 68 teams competing, this category is a bloodbath. Twelve were chosen as semi-finalists Sunday and the final six were announced Monday.

First Place: Thailand - Skeek
Second Place: Serbia - TFZR
Third Place: New Zealand - OneBeep

Brazil - Proativa Team Croatia - Think Green Team Finalist: Finland - Signbook Germany - Mediator Finalist: Malaysia - Team HDC Malta - Dice Morocco - EmsImagine Finalist: Singapore - Mama-Bear Ukraine - CoreInvader

Embedded Development
Teams used hardware and software to create projects that could literally change the way we live. Starting at 15 teams, 10 semi-finalists were announced Sunday and the final six were revealed Monday.

First Place: Taiwan - SmarterME
Second Place: Russia - MCPU
Third Place: France - GERAS

Brazil - T.M.D. Germany - SmartTT Japan - CLFS Finalist: Romania - EcoSynthesis Finalist: South Korea - RU Gentle Finalist: United Kingdom - eyesight United States - team vaccine

Game Design Finalists
Using existing Microsoft technology, competitors created 2-D and 3-D games that combine art and science. The final three were announced Monday.

First Place: Philippines - By Implication, Wildfire
Second Place: Belgium - NomNom Productions, Shift
Third Place: France - Green Gears Studio, Island of Nazeth

Brazil - PapaPure, Morg's Adventure Mexico - Fomis Team, Fomis Team Thailand - Jubjub, Junk Master

These categories presented for the judges throughout the week and winners were announced Thursday.
IT Challenge
China - WeiQiu Wen

Digital Media
Taiwan - Mirror Vita

Envisioning 2020 Award
Taiwan - Jigga-Dongxi

Interoperability Award
Jamaica - Xormis

Next Generation Web Award
South Korea - Wanna Be Alice

Touch & Tablet Accessibility Award
United States - Team Note-Taker

Windows Phone 7 Rockstar Award
United States - Beastware

Internet Explorer 8 Award
Poland - Rhea