04/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

NBC's David Gregory Says: You're Stupid

It's incredible. Just as 20,000 viewers signed an open letter to CNBC telling them to listen to Jon Stewart and hold Wall Street accountable instead of mindlessly repeating Wall Street talking points, NBC doubled down.

This morning, Meet The Press host David Gregory repeated what CNBC's Erin Burnett has been saying all along: The public is ignorant. If only the simpleton public understood what the Wall Street "experts" understand, we wouldn't be so populist and angry. See for yourself:

In these economic times, NBC needs to stop blaming the public and instead focus like a laser on holding Wall Street accountable. David Gregory, instead of calling the public stupid, how about saying on the air that there are, in fact, no "best and brightest" at AIG worth giving bonuses to if they threaten to leave?

That being said, CNBC is still the center of the fight to get the media to do their job. If they truly start holding Wall Street's feet to the fire, and debunking absurd talking points put out there by the supposed "experts," that will have ripple effects throughout NBC and the entire financial news industry.

You can join leading economists, journalists, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and over 20,000 members of the public in signing the open letter to CNBC here.