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Not Even the Joy of an "I Told You So"

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"I told you so"s are way overrated. They feel good in the lead up but upon delivery you instantly realize there is still a huge amount of work to be done: "Ha! I told you this couch wouldn't fit through our apartment door after carrying it up four flights!" "Ohhh... see! I knew that seafood you and I ate was bad!" "Aha! I told you that guy was a car jacker!" None of these statements are followed by joy or fun. Just lots of work, doctor visits, or a ride home in a squad car.

Such is the situation with the Bush administration. They have screwed things up in a way that is truly astounding. We have massive debt, division, a gut wrenching and puzzling war, corruption, and lots of other things that don't happen when someone is doing a good job. But here's the thing: a lot of people knew this was coming from Day One when the Supreme Court ruled to make Bush president. We marched and chanted things like "Bush is in the pocket of big business!" or "Don't bomb Iraq! Let the inspectors stay!" or "Scooter Libby will be indicted!" Okay, maybe not the last one but the first two are literally true. People knew. Lot's of people.

So here comes the "I told you so," right? And it's going to be a huge guttural one that can be heard across the country -- the biggest ever...


It just sucks -- 'cause we all live here. And we all want this country to be good and strong and truly free (not fake George W. Bush wiretapping, corrupt, lie to the people free), and we all value our soldiers and the land and education. At least most of us do. Except the creeps who call themselves Americans who are in the White House, Congress, and on Fox News. They don't care about anything other than money and power. How about we get rid of them and we can save the "I told you so" for something more appropriate -- like a bad trade by the Knicks or when the guy who keeps singing Josh Groban songs gets voted off American Idol? Deal or no deal?