02/12/2012 06:00 pm ET | Updated Apr 13, 2012

More NBC Reunions To Make Them Suck Less

NBC currently sits in 4th place in the ratings among the broadcast networks. The lowly last place is a tough place to be. Especially for a network that dominated just around a decade or two ago.

So it's hard to blame NBC for resorting to going back in time and giving viewers a taste of the good ol' NBC days. Hopefully fans forget how bad the network has screwed things up, NBC hopes no doubt.

One of the new pilots currently in contention for the 2012-2013 season is Downwardly Mobile, a sitcom starring Roseanne Barr. This will mark the actress' return to the network she helped rise to the top in the 90s with Roseanne. This past week, the travel back in time continued when it was reported that her Roseanne husband John Goodman would be joining her in Downwardly Mobile.

Although they won't be playing spouses (yet) in the new sitcom, this NBC reunion will no doubt give fans some great nostalgia. But what if the network continued with this strategy? Let's go back in time again to raise the network back on top. Here are some NBC reunion suggestions that the network could use: You can thank me later, NBC.

My first idea reunites two former Friends. David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry would star in this new comedy set on a farm. Yes, a farm. Perry's character would play the farm owner who is struggling in these economic times. That's when Schwimmer comes in, a business man who believes that Perry grows a special kind of crops. The city-slicker would be forced to move on the farm to take advantage of this business venture. This buddy-comedy would be called Farm Friends (or if you want to go the riské... Corn Hollers).

The next idea would be a drama starring David Hyde Pierce. He would play the son of a comatose patient who is played by his Frasier father John Mahoney. The son eventually takes his father home and takes care of him all by himself. One day, after he accidentally lets his Terrier in his dad's room, he discovers that his dog somehow awakened his father. Now Pierce's how to deal with his dog, who has some sort of gift. Of course the dog can't be played by original Frasier dog, Moose (who played Eddie), because he passed away. But with the combo of Pierce, Mahoney, and a Terrier, it should be enough to fool any viewer that they are watching the high-brow comedy. But the bonus... it has a magical dog. Can you say RATINGS?

Finally, my final idea will reunite two stars of NBC's biggest sitcom ever. Seinfeld co-stars Jason Alexander and Michael Richards in a mockumentry comedy about two actors who move to Canada to find some work. With more films and TV shows filmed up North, they think their best shot to make it big is to move where the action is. This hilarious comedy would be called A Show Aboot Nothing (or Serenity Eh).

My ideas are obviously golden and will be taken by NBC, I have no doubt. Now it's your turn readers. Come up with your best NBC reunion show. Let's help the network suck a bit less.

Author's Update: As many of you have commented, 'Roseanne' was in fact in ABC and not NBC. This is a lesson to all writers not to write something at midnight when you're running on caffeine, creative juices, and hilarity. It's a mistake I should have caught. Thank you for the corrections.