10/14/2010 10:59 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

An Interview With Joe Miller: Alaska US Senate Republican Candidate

The day was Thursday, October 7, 2010. The event was billed as a town hall meeting, and it surely lived as such. A gathering of an energized conservative base and other regular people filled up the seating capacity at Anchorage Wellspring Independent Charismatic Church that is on Century Drive Street like a Sunday service congregation.

The audience listened attentively as Republican Senate nominee Mr. Joe Miller, who also enjoyed the support of Tea party, addressed them by tackling various issues ranging from national debt, social security and jobs. I had gone there because I was scheduled to interview Mr. Miller after the town hall. After he rounded up this event, Mr. Miller stepped out of the hall and flanked by two of his aides, asked me to join them in walking towards Mr. Miller's car where I conducted the interview. I was only allowed to ask the Candidate three questions because of his busy schedule. Nevertheless, it was an interesting encounter, here are the transcripts of the interview.

Ademola Bello: "Why do you think Alaskans should elect you as a Senator over your opponents the Democratic Candidate Scott McAdams and your fellow Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski who is running as a write-in Candidate?"

Joe Miller: "Well they have to elect me because if we don't we are headed to a dead end. It is called the fiscal insanity of the central government level -- end up restricting fund for our country in such a way that we no longer able to move ourselves ahead in our State unless we look into a different direction. And the way to look to a different direction is to get control of our resources by having central government. The federal government put too much regulation on those resources so we are unable as a State to develop from them and profit from them -- and to create job from them. So the way of the past is what its represented by both Murkowski and McAdams, it is not the way of the future. The way of the future is increase power to the State, less power to the central government so the State can chart their own future."

Ademola Bello: "You said Liberals have a hard time relinquishing power, is Senator Murkowski a Liberal in your view?"

Joe Miller: "Is she a Liberal in my view? Well she has certainly done Liberal things. She has certainly done things I think that are harmful to move the State forward. Such as, for example, the carbon tax she advocated. The carbon tax is something that actually harms Alaska development. The carbon trade she proposed is something that harms Alaska development. It is something that does not move us forward. It keep us in the past."

Ademola Bello: "What are your plans to improve Alaska's economy, create jobs and also to expand economic opportunities in rural Alaska?"

Joe Miller: "Less government, less government regulation. Making sure Alaska can have control over its resource base. And making sure we have ability to create jobs from it. Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it."

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