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Adrian Grenier
Adrian Grenier is an actor, filmmaker, entrepreneur and social advocate. His projects and philanthropic efforts focus on championing healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle choices through digital storytelling, education, and advocacy.

Entries by Adrian Grenier

Celebrating Our Ocean, Together

(7) Comments | Posted June 8, 2016 | 8:50 AM

Photo: Courtesy of Fusion. Adrian exploring the sea during a dive with Nicolás Ibargüen.

"One can begin to feel suffocated -- like a deep, night dive on an empty SCUBA tank..."

A profound reflection from my good friend, Dr. Wallace...

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Escaping from the Dark

(8) Comments | Posted May 6, 2015 | 5:52 PM

In the next 10 years we want to do two things:

1) Shine a light on how incredibly enormous, barbaric and ineffective our criminal justice system is. Most of us have some sense, but lack a true idea of the colossal depth of its hell.

2) Successfully utilize...

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Offshore Wind Energy Would Produce Twice as Many Jobs as Oil and Gas Operations in the Atlantic

(54) Comments | Posted January 22, 2015 | 10:54 AM

Did you know that coastal activity in Atlantic states--ranging from fishing, tourism, recreation and more--supports about 1.4 million jobs and net about $95 billion in gross domestic product every year? That means that anytime you head to the East Coast and spend time fishing or eating local seafood, for example,...

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3 Things You Can Do to End Police Killings and Fix the Criminal Justice System

(72) Comments | Posted December 10, 2014 | 8:54 AM

We're doing a lot of talking. That's good. Now let's make them accountable.

Since the shooting of Mike Brown, more than 14 black teens have been killed by the police, including 12-year-old Tamir Rice, a boy in Cleveland, Ohio who was murdered less than two seconds after police...

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Our Justice System Should Promote Harmony, Not Revenge

(2) Comments | Posted June 6, 2014 | 9:51 AM

I once read a story about village justice in Bombay, India. A Hindu boy was caught fighting with a Muslim boy.

The town "judge," a man chosen by the community for his wisdom and leadership, told the boys they had to finish their work that day with their legs tied...

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Taking the Piss Out of Climate-Change-Denying Congressmen

(410) Comments | Posted October 10, 2013 | 5:04 PM

After the recent UN findings on climate change, it was hard not to become intrigued all over again with climate change deniers. In one recent analysis, there were three types of deniers identified: The first are strategic deniers -- people who have a vested interest in, say, the oil industry;...

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Incarceration Is Not the Answer

(145) Comments | Posted June 17, 2013 | 10:24 AM

Growing up with parents who came out of the Hippie movement and grandparents who owned a bar, drugs were part of my reality. I was exposed to casual users and people who developed more serious problems. But I found it difficult to believe drugs were intrinsically evil when I saw...

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Meet Gull, the One Man Band

(6) Comments | Posted June 14, 2013 | 7:40 AM


This weekly column highlights artists that perform in the Wreckroom, a recording studio in my Brooklyn home. Read more about Wreckroom here.

If you close your eyes you will hear the sounds of a three piece band complete with rhythmic guitar...

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Wreckroom, My Music Incubator

(9) Comments | Posted June 4, 2013 | 12:30 PM


I want to welcome you to Wreckroom, a music space in the basement of my Brooklyn home dedicated to supporting emerging bands. I'm calling it a music incubator with label services. Perhaps not unheard of, but we're different in that we...

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How to Handle Stress (Hint: Don't Ignore It!)

(56) Comments | Posted April 25, 2013 | 9:00 AM

"Hollywood Unplugged," a new series on HuffPost Entertainment, shows our culture's most influential figures in a new light. Instead of focusing on their accomplishments, it examines how they continue to thrive despite the inevitable stress. In this installment, Adrian Grenier, producer of the Tribeca Film Festival documentary "How to Make...

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Is the Paradigm Shifting? Food Revolution and Eco-Minded Vehicles

(74) Comments | Posted August 3, 2012 | 11:39 AM

Is the paradigm shifting?

We think it is.

Last week in this blog we introduced our newest series THE BIG SHFT. In it, we train our camera on 10 people who are changing the way we live today. They inspire us in the way they're moving the universe forward...

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Is The Paradigm Shifting?

(313) Comments | Posted July 27, 2012 | 8:31 AM

If necessity is the mother of invention, then it's no wonder the state of the environment is driving innovation around the world. At SHFT, we're watching this happen in the private sector at a pace and force that's nothing short of astonishing.

It's a slightly counterintuitive idea, given the huge...

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Florida: It's Time to Do More to Protect Sharks

(44) Comments | Posted February 21, 2012 | 3:57 PM

Floridians depend on the ocean. And we understand. It's in your blood.

Florida's waters weave themselves into the daily life of most who call this state home and with so much to offer, it's easy to understand why. In addition to supporting recreation, fishing and the local economy, the...

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We're Driving the Bluefin Tuna Population Towards Extinction

(310) Comments | Posted October 27, 2010 | 9:46 AM

Diving into the 55-degree water, I didn't know what to expect. I was hoping to see a blue fin, a lot of bluefin tuna.

Bluefin are some of the biggest and baddest fish in the ocean. They can grow to 15 feet long, weigh over 1,000 pounds, and swim...

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