09/14/2010 12:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

LeBron, Kobe, We Really Wished You Were Here...

The World Basketball Championship Finals are probably no match for NBA Finals, but the level of excitement and speed resembled the big stars of the NBA.

Tonight's final game between the USA and Turkey is a surprising final by any definition. Turkey ascended to the final game after a nerve-wrecking semi-final against Serbia. The Serbs were ahead all along, but the Turks or "12 Dev Adam" (translate: 12 Giant Men) as they are referred by the fans, kept their focused until the last minute.

Hidayet Turkoglu, an NBA veteran among the Young Turks, kept the motivation high despite his lack of luck Saturday night. Kerem Tunceri's drive of 8 points and a last second 3 point-shooter edged the game towards the home team.

Prior to Serbia, Turkey played against Slovenia, France and Greece and managed to overcome all three European powerhouses.

The spirits are very high in the Turkish camp. This final puts them already on top of European Classification. Turkey's defender Omer Onan said: "We are very happy we came to the Final and we'll play for fun and for the Cup. I may not block Kevin Durant but I know someone will"

NBA fans should also keep a closer eye on Ersan Ilyasova of Milwaukee Bucks and Semih Erden, who recently signed a contract with Boston Celtics. Omer Asik is also said to be in talks with Chicago Bulls.

So with a lot of fun and energy, Turkish basketball fans really wished Kobe and Lebron were a part of this festival.

Last but not least ... A big cheer to Khloe Kardashian who is in Istanbul to support her husband. Her presence is a bigger political statement than any diplomatic overture. Next time bring all the sisters.