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Akhtar Badshah

Akhtar Badshah

Posted: June 8, 2010 12:58 PM

Technology and Partnerships Can Accelerate Social Change

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There is a growing expectation for organizations to actively participate in tackling some of society's most challenging issues. I believe that technology has a role to play in accelerating this change but it must be grounded in the fact that it is communities first -- it is all about long-term investment and partnerships, it is about scale, and finally it is about sustainable impact.

We recently held an event here in Seattle that brought together journalists, bloggers and academics to meet with us and our partners to share how technology and partnerships are accelerating positive social change today.

The sessions, which you can view below, range from the environment and online safety, to how nonprofits are using technology, how a new generation of employees are getting involved in the community and the incredible programs underway around the world to provide people with the skills they need to find employment.

Tackling child pornography

Addressing Environmental challenges

How technology can enable nonprofits

Employee Giving and Social Entrepreneurs

Skills training and workforce development


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