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Ideas In Food: Brining Your Lobster

Posted: 01/05/11 03:35 PM ET

2011-01-05-photobook.pngMost people don't season their lobster. In our new book, Ideas in Food, Great Recipes and Why They Work, we talk about brining and why we think it's important. Lobsters especially benefit from a saline soak and it's about more than just enhancing flavor.

Live Lobsters
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Cooking lobsters at home can be intimidating. They are one of the few ingredients classically purchased while still alive and the moment of truth can be daunting. Here’s how we do it: put a cutting board on a sheet pan. Put the lobster on the cutting board and with an oyster knife pierce a deep hole in the lobster’s shell between and directly behind the eyes. Twist the oyster knife a half turn and remove it. This procedure destroys the lobster’s brain killing it instantly.
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