02/09/2011 03:00 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

So You Think You've Got a Better Idea How to Balance LA's City Budget?

Here's your chance to let Mayor Villaraigosa know. Do it now because the opportunity only comes around once a year.

The Mayor's Budget Challenge asks for your specific input and opinions how the City of LA should spend the taxpayers' money and where the Mayor needs to cut in order to balance the budget. Parks and recreation? Police and fire? Libraries? Street repairs? City salaries? Pensions? Health care costs?

It's your call.

Go to, take the survey and let the Mayor know how you feel about the way the City of Los Angeles is prioritizing its spending. You can write in your specific ideas and suggestions as well. He reads them all.

Spread the word. Have everyone you know take it as well. You've only got until February 26th to make your wishes known - and it's well worth it.

It's better to weigh in and make your voice count than just be a pain and complain.

The Mayor's Budget Challenge: it only takes four minutes, but the impact of your recommendations for the City of Los Angeles could last a lifetime.