Dreamin' of the Usual: A Backpack!

10/05/2011 02:56 pm ET | Updated Dec 05, 2011

Backpack Block Party! is on a quest to find the backpack of your dreams. Let's meet a contender.


Where did you find your backpack?
I made it! It's all different fabric that I have collected since I was young.

Is this the backpack of your dreams?
Yes. Each different fabric that makes this backpack up has a different important meaning to me. And it fits so much inside!

What's your favorite thing to keep in your backpack?
My gigantic sketchbook that I have ripped so many other bags with trying to stuff it in.

If you were a backpack, who's back would you live on?
Any traveler's back that would treat me nicely and not fill me too full that I burst, but bring me all around the world.

Jessi is an artist and the maker of the backpack of her dreams.