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President's Day Trivia

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With Presidents Day here, I thought I'd do a little research on some of the great men that held our nation's highest office. After much "Googling", I was surprised to find the following fun facts:
  • Grover Cleveland could fart the alphabet.
  • Confused by the title, and in the midst of an energy crisis, Jimmy Carter tried to pass a constitutional amendment banning the Electric Slide.
  • Even while he was president, nobody knew who the fuck Millard Fillmore was.
  • James Madison invented the first version of Facebook, then known as Portraitbook.
  • "The Great Depression" comes from the term Eleanor Roosevelt used to describe FDR's penis.
  • John Quincy Adams thought pleats made him look fat.
  • The Oriental Bell Telephone Company was formed at the behest of Chester A. Arthur just so he could prank call his buddy Jim.
  • George W. Bush is constantly irritated that his words do not fit in Sudoku puzzles.