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Alberto Torrico
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Alberto Torrico embodies the life experiences of the emerging California majority. Torrico is the son of immigrant parents – his father from Boliva and mother’s family from Japan – who worked as janitors to provide a better life for him and his three brothers. He grew up in a neighborhood where too many kids didn’t get the help they needed to succeed in school or beyond. He worked alongside his parents as a janitor in high school, helping to pay his way through Santa Clara University – becoming the first member of his family to graduate from college. And with the support of his family, he
went on to earn a J.D. at the University of California Hastings College of the Law.

For Torrico, whose brother Fabian is a veteran San Jose Police Officer, the law is about transforming lives for the better.

As a workers’ rights attorney, Torrico applied the power of the law to help transform lives. He specialized in labor law, teaching labor and employment law at San Jose City College and served as Senior Assistant Counsel at the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. In 2001, Torrico opened a private law practice in Fremont where he worked with unions to protect the rights of working families who – much like his parents – had no one else to fight for them.

Since his election to the California State Assembly in 2004, Torrico has earned a reputation for hard work, earning the respect of his colleagues and a top leadership position as the Assembly Majority Leader.

As a member of the Assembly, Torrico made history as the first legislator to sit in both Latino and Asian Pacific Islander caucus. He has held a number of leadership posts, including chair of the Governmental Organization Committee, Director of Majority Affairs, chair of the Assembly Committee on Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security (PERSS) and most recently the Special Committee on Prison Reform.

Torrico’s ability to build successful coalitions has led to the passage of 38 the legislative measures he’s authored, with 27 of them being signed into law by the state’s Republican governor, including:
- Requiring 60 day notice for no-fault evictions of renters;
- Removing barriers to the development of affordable housing for working families;
- Maintaining health care benefits for foster children;
- Protecting the assets of public, community hospitals;
- Preserving $50 to $100 million in funding for local transportation projects;
- Restricting the use of pesticides in day care centers.

Representing Assembly District 20 (Newark and Fremont), Torrico is the current Assembly majority Leader and Chair of the Select Committee on Prison Reform. He and his wife, Raquel, have two children, son Mateo and daughter Amy-Elyzabeth.

Entries by Alberto Torrico

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In most cases, political geography wins. Most pollsters or seasoned candidates acknowledge that one of the greatest assets a candidate can have is to represent the largest portion of any given electoral district. You see this analysis take place in Congressional races (Ted Lieu's top two finish in a Southern...

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We are now hours away from holding our state's primary election to nominate our Democratic Attorney General candidate. But, as is all too unfortunately common, we have witnessed a degeneration of our election process into bickering and a blitz of attack ads between Kamala Harris and Chris Kelly....

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California School System: Separate and Unequal

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California has long been a place of unlimited opportunity, where a child of immigrant janitors like myself could work as a teenager cleaning office buildings after school and still have the same aspirations as the children of the people who owned those office buildings.

I was the first in...

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Keeping the Promise of California's Master Plan for Higher Education

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Fifty years ago, visionary leaders created California's Master Plan for Higher Education. For decades the master plan provided millions of Californians with opportunities to pursue their academic ambitions and improve their vocational skills. A well-trained and educated workforce entered the private sector and enhanced California's reputation as a state on...

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AB 656: A Movement Both Online and Off

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The movement to save higher education is building momentum on the streets and on the Internet.

Californians understand the stakes. Over the past ten years, fee increases and painful budget cuts have undermined a system of higher education that was once the envy of the nation. These cuts in college...

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Fighting for Higher Education and the Future of California

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For the first time in California's history, our state government spent more money on prisons than higher education.

It's a shocking figure - but not a surprising one when you consider that it now costs more to send a criminal to prison than a student to Harvard. Because we...

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Safe Communities Start with Safe Schools -- Support Cops Protecting Campuses

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Education is a way out -- and a way forward. But, in California's most crime-ridden high schools, education is also putting our students in harm's way.

My folks came a long way -- immigrating from Bolivia and Japan -- and working as janitors to provide a better, safer life...

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