Larry Craig's Real Mistake

09/01/2007 07:01 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I feel sorry for Larry Craig. Truly. Even though Craig voted to censure
Barney Frank for Frank's tryst with a male prostitute. Craig has been
behind some of the most intolerant and anti-gay legislation that a US
Senator could put his mark on. Now the very condition that drives
countless gay men and women into the closet, the bathroom stall or the
hospital may have claimed Sen. Craig himself. That is not a cause for
gloating. That is sad. Pathetic and sad.

No one can honestly say what Craig did or did not do. No one can know
his real intentions. In the new, jacked-up reality of airport
"security", maybe those cops in Minneapolis jumped the stall. But if
Craig has the chance, especially now that his Republican colleagues
have cut his throat, maybe he will experience a change of heart and
realize that to be gay, whether he is or not, ought not be a shameful
thing, let alone a crime, for anyone. Had he embraced at least that he
might still be a Senator today.