02/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Bush Nightmare is Over

It seems like not too long ago I read a quote from George H.W. Bush regarding dynastic politics and the fate of his sons. In some piece I read, Bush 41 was prompted by the image of the Kennedys to say, 'Wait'll I turn these boys out." That quote always stuck in my mind.

"Wait'll I turn these boys out." And I am sure that Bush Sr. never dreamed it would all play out the way it did. I never thought Bush Sr. should be President. as the former head of the CIA. I thought the first Bush was too practiced in keeping secrets, and powerful ones, to make for a truly honorable Chief Executive. The President must be capable of utilizing the CIA's information like rubbing alcohol. The information cleans the wound but does not actually heal it, That's the job of statesmanship, not covert actions, black ops and lies that lead to war. CIA directors should never be Presidents.

I was equally glad to see Governor Bill Richardson fail in his bid for the Democratic nomination. Energy Secretaries should never be President, as they have also spent chunks of their political careers lying to the American people about nuclear waste and the folly of nuclear power in our country.

Both Bush Sr. and Richardson are viewed as decent honorable men. Liked and respected by their colleagues. Admired and loved by their friends. And so let it be with Bush. Just let him go.

The Bush nightmare is over. How well Obama succeeds, or does not succeed, in the coming term, we can rest assured that on a spiritual level, the worst is over for this country, at least for now. Bush and Cheney are finished.

The Bushes are a dynasty, but I am not sure of what kind. History will tell. They are an uncompromising, hard-headed, entitled and arrogant bunch. Let's say good-bye to George W. Let's wish his wife and family well. Let's not wish him any ill. He's gone. But let us have no more Bushes in the White House. Ever.

PS: Panetta sounds good at CIA. A man with a soul at the desk of William Casey and Richard Helms.