"That One"

01/13/2009 09:11 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I tuned in to watch the second presidential debate. Instead, I found myself watching "The March of the Penguin." The stalking, snarking, Viagra infused performance of John DisDain. That's his new name. Right? John DisDain. He wears his disdain on his marionette sleeve. He barks his disdain like a hung-over Carnie. Reach across the aisle? That old coot can't even share the stage with the Senator that is beating him.

That one? THAT ONE??? Like Barack Obama's subhuman. Like Barack Obama's an animal. Not like an elected Senator. Not like the potential future President of the United States.

The guard came down, folks. All the campaigning dissipated. "That one"? John McCain might have well said, "There's an 'element' in my neighborhood?" John McCain might as well have said, "It's very articulate"? THAT ONE? John McCain's latent racism just bulged out larger than his left cheek.

I felt like I was watching Silence of the Lambs. "It needs to eat." THAT ONE? Come on. That was the defining moment of this so-called debate. That might be the defining moment of the campaign. He just dehumanized Barack Obama. He just did what serial killers do. Could it be possible that John McCain actually thinks Barack Obama is an "it" and not a "he"?

John McCain waddled about like a bellicose little penguin with prostate problems while Senator Obama had the stage. He wore a necktie so long that I was expecting a juggler and lion tamer to come out next.

That One???? Wow.

That old bat's face was bulging like that dude in How to Get Ahead in Advertising Senator McCain said, "my friend" 14 times. (I had the over at 15 ½.) Who knows who won. Both sides will claim victory. Both sides will run out their spin doctors. But, I just saw my defining moment.

"That One" is going to be our next President. "That One" is going to lead us through the quagmire and darkness of the last eight years. "That One."

"Angrier McCain fails to rattle Obama"-AFP

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