10/13/2010 04:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

For Students, the Choice Is Clear This November

As the November elections near ever closer, some pundits and political observers are questioning if the 15 million voters who turned out for the first time in 2008 -- many of them college students and young people -- will vote again in 2010. But the simple truth is that millennials continue to overwhelmingly identify with the Democratic Party and its efforts to improve the lives of middle class Americans. That's because college students don't need to wonder which party advocates for them and their needs. Just as students fought for President Obama in 2008, the president and Democrats in Congress have fought tirelessly on behalf of college students. From passing health insurance reform to credit card reform and historic student loan reform, Democrats have enacted common sense reforms to improve the lives of students.

Here are a few of the president's accomplishments on behalf of young people:

  • With the help of students across the country, the president and Democrats in Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, enabling young people to stay on their parents' health insurance until the age of 26, and guaranteeing all Americans access to affordable, quality care.
  • Along with the Affordable Care Act, the president and Democrats in Congress passed student aid reform, taking away60 billion of subsidies and giveaways from big banks and instead using that money to help students earn a diploma without accumulating a boatload of debt.
  • The president and Democrats also passed credit card reform, guaranteeing that banks can no longer take advantage of students or other American consumers with hidden fees or unfair rate hikes.

All of these pieces of legislation presented an opportunity for our elected leaders to stand up for common sense policies that benefit young people. Every single time, Republicans turned away and decided that the needs of their special interest backers came before the people most at risk. When students fill out simplified student loan forms or use their parent's coverage to pay for a doctor's visit, it is clear that the issues that have impacted young people for generations are being given their proper due by president Obama and the Democrats.

When you walk onto campuses across the country today, you see auditoriums filled with students excited to get engaged in this election. The students that committed themselves to Obama in 2008 continue to stand by their president today. Young people understand what's at stake in this election and are not ready to lose the voice they fought for so diligently two years ago.