April Chosen One Challenge: Love Your Money, Love Your Debt

06/14/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

When I issued The Chosen One Challenge on Valentine's Day, I challenged you to spend one year choosing yourself before worrying about whether or not someone else chose you.

Last month, I asked you to write a love letter to your body. This month, with Tax Day upon us, I'm inviting all you recessionistas and recessionistos to be grateful to whatever your financial situation is -- even if you're in debt up to your eyeballs, have lost your house and wonder if you'll ever work again.

I am dead serious and there's a method to my madness. Hear me out.

Money is a form of spiritual energy. You've got to learn to move it right.

The more you allow yourself to have, the more you help others and yourself. Money is an indicator of how you value yourself and what kind of premium you place on yourself.

Some people can make tremendous amounts of money, but often spend it all or lose it, because deep down they don't feel they deserve it. Some people are poor for the same reason. They feel they don't deserve financial security.

Which brings me back to the Chosen One Challenge.

The key to choosing yourself and going past any self-loathing you have about yourself, your body, your finances, your love life (or lack thereof) -- is to get to a place where there is no resistance and only gratitude.

Why? Because I want you to be as pure and holy as Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama? Absolutely not.

It comes down to simple universal science. When you truly choose yourself, which means loving YOURSELF, admiring YOURSELF, accepting YOURSELF -- the world gets in line and chooses you, too.

Lovely Sandra Bullock, unfortunately, had to eat her words and take home major humble pie last February during awards season when she said she'd finally found someone -- her (chronically cheating) husband Jesse James -- "who had her back."

What I'm suggesting you do during the Chosen One Challenge is have your own back. That's the quickest way to draw the best people and financial situations into your life.

By April 15, when taxes are due, you get to face the facts about your financial health.

Lucky you if things are going well for you in the money department. You're one of the fortunate ones. And remember many people sabotage themselves when things are going well because they feel they don't deserve their happiness and good fortune.

They blow their inheritance, for example, or set themselves up to fail in business.

Stop that downtown train in its tracks and take the time to appreciate what you have and love it. Love yourself for creating the life situation that allows you financial security when so many people don't have it.

If you're like the millions of Americans stressing out this tax season, I understand. And I say just try my method this month even if you think I'm nuts.

Here's your homework for the April Chosen One Challenge: Love Your Money, Love Your Debt.

Take out a copy your tax return and look at it with as little judgment as possible. Sit with it for about five minutes, just gazing at the numbers. Breathe deeply in and out while you hold your tax return. Think of your breathing as expanding your financial health, not contracting. (If you don't have a tax return, use another key document like a bank statement or a credit card bill.)

2. REPEAT THIS POWER MANTRA ONCE A DAY: "I'm so lucky to be in this financial situation because it's here to teach me to learn to value what I have and decide that I deserve more."

3. TREAT SOMEONE! Even if it's to a $5 coffee. Generosity is one of the strongest boomerang energies around.

4. FIND A FINANCIAL ROLE MODEL: Can be someone famous like Suze Orman or Tony Robbins or Donald Trump. Or it could be just a friend who has her financial act together and who values him or herself.

5. WRITE DOWN THE AMOUNT OF YOUR DEBT: Put it on a piece of paper and say "I'm not afraid of you."

Put it down on a piece of paper and say "I deserve to earn this amount of money this year."

Buy yourself something you really like for $10 or less.

Good luck! May the money energy be with you as you choose yourself!

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