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Alex Garner
Alex Garner is a writer and Founding Editor of is a national HIV magazine for gay men that explores issues of lifestyle culture and wellness. Prior to Alex was an actor, writer, and advocate. He co-wrote and performed in The Infection Monologues, a funny and thought-provoking play about the modern HIV experience. Alex has been living with HIV for nearly 20 years and got his start as a queer, HIV-positive youth organizer.

Entries by Alex Garner

Generations of HIV

(0) Comments | Posted December 4, 2014 | 2:04 PM


Each generation of gay men has the distinct experience of being uniquely impacted by HIV. One of the best-understood and often explored generational experiences of HIV is the early years -- a time when the disease violently and unexpectedly emerged in the community....

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Coming Out Against HIV Stigma

(6) Comments | Posted October 11, 2013 | 6:16 PM


One of the most common emotions that people experience upon learning that they are HIV-positive is shame. It's a destructive and paralyzing emotion that serves no purpose with HIV. Speaking out is one of the best antidotes to shame. When people speak openly and...

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There's No Shame in PrEP

(21) Comments | Posted December 6, 2012 | 3:45 PM


For over 30 years gay men have struggled around issues of shame, risk, pleasure, safety, death and life. HIV is an integral part of our daily lives, and we've learned what the risks are and how to protect ourselves. Until recently...

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The Numbers Don't Add Up on Measure B

(6) Comments | Posted November 5, 2012 | 6:11 PM


That is the minimum amount of money that we know Measure B will cost the county of Los Angeles over two years. That does not include the additional costs of administrative review and appeals, law enforcement, confiscation and warehousing. The bottom line is that Measure B will cost the...

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Out About HIV

(40) Comments | Posted September 13, 2012 | 12:05 PM

"I am HIV-Positive," can be one of the most difficult things to say. It can change the way others look at you or treat you and it leaves an indelible impression that people will always associate with you. Saying those words has power -- the power to complicate lives and...

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