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Camper Dunks Intern

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Yesterday Camper hosted their market day, unveiling their new line of plush shoes. Perfect for the casual young financier on their way to the Hamptons for spring. Deck yourself out with some Rag & Bone, sprinkled with some Commonwealth Utilities and slip on these comfy loafers.

Fashion has been all about comfort & beige, subdued hues with the spectrum of earth tones. Campers fits right in. They've been doing this for a while, hardly diverging from their sumptuous feel. But the shoes will set you back $150 or so. I've stalked their sales, but that's the best I can do. Lust after the rubber soles.

Riazul Tequila mixed up some pomegranate margaritas that went straight to my head, kicking off a ruckus night which lead to a Gotham Magazine party serving truffled deviled eggs. It was a brand awareness event for subscribers. Is publishing back? Did I miss this memo? Pass me some Prosciutto please. Another vodka? Yes. Their issue was slender at best. Did they raid the cushions of the Knoll office furniture?

The intern (paid) that got dunked took it in stride, hung out on her blackberry before graciously drenching. The guy on the bed of nails had glitter and looked like he might just be a vampire from the teeny-bopper Twilight series he exuded eerie comfort.

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