Dennis Basso's Spring Collection--With Surprisingly Less Fur Than Usual

09/15/2010 08:00 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dennis Basso, the unequivocal king of the furriers and the exotic, toned it down this Fashion Week. It wouldn't be Basso if security didn't check our bags at the door. There was no PETA upheaval (just partially naked protesters across the street). Even though there's still chinchilla, Russian sable, python and other slithering creatures from the bayou, he didn't use any blatantly unrecognizable beings. There were a few celebrities, or so I'm informed, but according to Twitter, no famous names appeared. So I waved meekly to Mary Alice Stevenson, who looked stunning, and took my seat.

Working with stylist Patti Wilson, Basso sent out a perfectly divine collection, starting with a neoprene dress. On the third look, we saw nipples - this time due to a wardrobe malfunction and a slippery dress. The model corrected and walked on. For a moment, no one could tell if that was an intentional 'look'. An alligator dress with a zipper down the front and a lake blue shimmer won me over. Getting the skin to be that color shows the designer's strength. We see chiffon skirts and a modern vibe. There are metallic dresses and the glitter of silk. He uses everything from sandy rose to mint as his palette.

Basso makes some concessions to the market, and it is spring; so, less of the fuzzy stuff was present. But for someone who's used bassarisk and loved it, this is toned down.

Dennis Basso