Backstage With Jeremy Scott (PHOTOS)

02/17/2011 02:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

There was a time in New York when club kids ruled nightlife and took over arena-sized amphitheaters, dancing the night away under the influence of various substances and Candy Flipped (acid + ecstasy). A quick Google search also tells me it's a British music phenomenon. This was the inspiration for Jeremy's recent show at Milk, but in a lot of ways, this fashion is quite serious. He has a new Swatch deal, and the fancy people in the first row were all given watches. He also has a budding accessories and shoe business -- Brooklyn might be the epicenter of the Jeremy Scott shoe. Kelly Cutrone got the troops marching and the show started as she wrangled the bevy of photogs backstage and the lounging models going.

His superhero show gives us everything from neon "Slim" shirts to Superman capes and surprisingly wearable shirts. I would say, he's the only club kid designer to have actually grown up and mastered the art of getting his clothes into stores. From the poppy sensation and the rethinking of our pill culture. Jeremy had Kanye West, the Korean pop band Wonder Girls and Vanessa Hudgens to name just a few in attendances at Milk Studios Wednesday afternoon.

The party was quite crazy -- I think you needed to be under 25, young, skinny and have some sort of piercing to attend. I head-bopped stupidly, trying to act cool, which is always an impossible feat for me. The music was awesome, but I'm afraid the loud music, and the time, took me home. My club days are officially behind me, but that doesn't mean I don't want that sweater and those lime leggings. Must have. I'm tired of my gray sweaters. I need color in my life.

I snagged an interview backstage with the designer.

Alex: God as branding?

Jeremy: I'm obsessed with logos and pop culture diluting them into the world we live in; pictures are so vital and important to our society. I enjoy God and his upbeat optimistic message so I wanted to incorporate it into the show.

Alex: Craziest club kid moment?

Jeremy: I dressed a lot of the club kids, my muse when I was growing up was Genitialia, she was a client, have you seen the movie Party Monster? (to which I nod). Too many to count really -- but Genitialia was certainly my favorite.

Alex: Favorite music? How did you meet Kanye?

Jeremy: He wanted to meet me before a show, and I thought it was just one of those PR things. This was before he became synonymous with fashion. And he knew so much about what I do, I was just blown away. He was rapping at the house and is so passionate and inspiring. He's like a child about it.

Alex: Last season you had a meat dress in the show -- was this planned, did you know Gaga was going to do one?

Jeremy: I've always wanted do a meat dress for a few seasons. I never quite fit into any of the collections, now it finally came through with this punk look.

Jeremy Scott