02/10/2011 11:14 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On the Day Before Fashion Began (PHOTOS)

The day before Fashion Week is for baby brands and those not wanting to compete with established names. I found myself nearly freezing as I clicked, snapped and discovered fashion.

Luis Fernandez hit a hockey puck out of the ring as he presented his Number: Lab collection at the Standard as part of the Milk&Mac collaboration. Gilded Age gave us a classical violin player, guys in linen blazers and women with comfy sweaters. Roark is a new and edgy brand, coming to us from the far away land of L.A. They give us linen jackets and awesome wool turtlenecks -- with an East Village twist. They built a forest in a pop-up shop and projected their latest art flick.

Coming to terms with taking pictures of B-D list celebrities, I went happily to the Heart's Truth Red Dress, where Diet Coke and AOL are determined to raise awareness for heart disease in women. I was poised, ready, and armed with a wide-angle lens. I even made arrangements for a (sort of) good seat. I entered, veered around Andy Cohen and Countess LuAnn and tried not to bump into Chris Benz. Pondering questions of the universe, I waited for the show to start.

Sadly, the light was against me. With only two strong spotlights on the various celebs, I had to make do with snapping at the massive, pixilated jumbotron. Suzanne Somers looked... let's just say I will mercifully not publish the photo. Eva Amurri looked stunning in Chris Benz, and Patti LaBelle in Zang Toi looked awesome. But I missed Liza's epic fashion moment when she brought the tents down. Natasha Bedingfield in Reem Acra tried to get the house excited, but everyone sort of shrugged a bit. So that's that. My attempts at being a celebrity photographer have clearly failed. Linda Gray looks more like an art movie star then fashion model.

I went downtown to Milk to sip on cocktails and hang out with the cool kids, who had Comme des Garcons and Rick Owens on the tongue. The line in the sand is now crystal clear, the dilatation between the two venues.

Fashion Week