02/18/2009 01:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Richie Rich is Back. Without Heatherette!

We finally have some glam and glitter at Fashion Week from former Heatherette Richie Rich. Without partner Traver Rains! Pamela Anderson gave us the final look and roller skated with Rich down the runway to a standing ovation and a warm welcome back to Fashion.

The duo broke up and left the fashion world gripping with the loss. Rock & Republic tried to fill the gap yet didn't wholly succeed, the brand couldn't show this year (I even called the PR firm to confirm). Richie Rich has come back to fill that void and is going global with his new brand launching from the Waldorf's grand ballroom.

The unexpectedly subdued collection, for Richie anyway, fit the current trends perfectly. Capturing the new eighties feel of Fashion Week and the wild hair of Mark Jacobs, yet with his own twist. Great polka dots! I'm a bit ashamed to say I spent some of the day researching how we looked back then.

Richie also captures diversity, using a plus size model in his show, who commanded the catwalk with true piazza and the famous tranny Amanda Lepore who also walked for Heatherette's Spring 2007 collection. The show opened with a opera singer belting beautifully "Send in the Clowns," modern jazz, a techno guitarist and finally dark and male swans from a rendition of Matthew Bourne's version of Swan Lake.

I snapped the pics myself, for a blogger, not that bad. More pics will surely follow from other outlets. The show was put together at the last minute the press hardly tipped off. I had to wrangle an invite because no one knew what was going on. There were rumors that Rich was in fact launching, yet no one was sure when. The PR firms were hired at the last minute and for a hastily produced show, he did remarkably well.



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