Young Designers Are The New Black (PHOTOS)

09/15/2010 12:54 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

*Scroll down for photos from the shows*

Yesterday, Bibhu Mohapatra stole my heart. He was recently lauded by the National Arts Club and given their innovative designer award. Bibhu took aviator glasses and seventies cocktail chic to a new level, with inkblot patterns and smoke filled prints. He's sure to grow. Boldly, dare I say, I like him better then any other designer in the Incubator brood. W Hotels will be taking him on the road to do trunk shows. How exciting.

Bibhu Mohapatra

I passed over Rosa Cha, but on the way out, someone murmured, "those girls were showing their religion." At Basso, a dress was slowly gliding off a model, showing her massive areolas. This might be the biggest trend of them all.

Vera Wang

Known for her bridal wear and now her Chelsea Clinton wedding dress, I met her briefly at the CFDA Awards and we shared a crudités. For her spring show, she designs her version of ready-to-wear. I was excited to see, although the fashionable crowd that included Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley and Hamish Bowles didn't look as chipper. Inspired by Kill Bill and nature, she sent down a Chrysanthemum plum top that made me stand on end. The woven belts, tied into a knot punctuated many a look. Studded and spiked obsidian shoes glittered at the tip. Pared down kimono tops and chiffon blouses with long trails dotted the runway, from coral blue to moss. Architectural triangles protected long necks. The chicest bullet proof dress paraded past. Shades of the forest and wilderness, with a touch of the lethal kill, maybe with the intention of stalking a powerful man at the ambassador's ball, or maybe going straight from the hunt into a Metropolitan Opera box. Someone wearing a Vera Wang dress will stop a room in its tracks.

Vera Wang

Narciso Rodriguez

Clean and effortless, silk and chiffon, with a touch of lace and a linen suit - a rose petal dress and the crisp lines of structure grabbed the crowd. Sarah Jessica Parker sat next to the Vogue crew and the usual bank of power editors. I'm sitting in Effen Vodka's box and on the way out there's a swarm of paparazzi and security trying to get SJP out. Is she the new Paris Hilton? Silk describes the show; smooth as fine sheets, although some of the looks might be called lingerie evening dresses, sure to be as lethal to men as Vera's stilettos.

Narciso Rodriguez

Someone earnestly interviewed me yesterday, asking if I thought there were any new emerging iconic designers. I stand-offishly answered. Anya assured me that I wasn't a moron, so I'm plugging it into this post.