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Know the best part of winter? Escaping it! Since moving to Canada from West Palm Beach, I have developed, a new, ah, appreciation for winter (read: utter dislike and yet a new-found begrudging respect). My twitter and Tumblr tagline is "I was born in Ireland, grew up in Florida and now live in Ontario. I'm sick of shoveling snow - but it beats the hell out of hurricanes." It's the best way to describe my love/hate relationship with northern weather.

Come January and February, I am not alone in my "over it" feeling toward this season of dread. So, how do I get away from it all? I use some pretty cool, efficient BlackBerry smartphone apps to help me plan and guide my way.

KAYAK Travel App for BlackBerry
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First things first: I need to find a flight and fast. With one quick search on KAYAK, I can scan hundreds of travel sites and find the best deal on the internet.
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