07/03/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Chyron Of The Day: Hold The Phone

You know those local news reports that let you know you're in imminent danger because of some household item? Or the ones that tell you your neighbor is probably a serial killer? But they can't tell you who why or what until 11:28p? Yeah, those are awesome, and they're no longer just the purview of local affiliates. No, with the advent of 24-hour news there is a LOT of time to kill and a lot more people to scare and these poor "reporters" don't have neighbors to terrify you with because they're broadcasting around the world! But these brave folks refused to let us down, they found new ridiculous things to keep us worried about like our shaky legs and now our cell phone elbows!

As CNN tells us, "People who have this condition, called cubital tunnel syndrome, can feel weakness in their hands and have difficulty opening jars or playing musical instruments." DAMMIT! I talk on my cell phone eight hours a day and I have a flute recital tonight! Had I not watched "The Situation Room" I may have thought my tingly pinky finger was not a big deal...

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