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Michael Ian Black Talks Sex, Napping, And His War With LeVar Burton (VIDEO)

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Michael Ian Black is out and about promoting his new Comedy Central show "Michael & Michael Have Issues" as well as a new series of ads he's doing for Klondike that incorporate his humor style and his love for the frozen treat that he enjoys with "adult beverages." Of course the first thing I asked was who won "LeWar," the Twitter feud Black instigated against actor LeVar Burton. According to Black he was "betrayed" by LeVar, whom he had offered a truce to before the "Roots" actor turned around and declared victory. Bastard.

Here's the rest of our interview with a short highlight reel at the end. Enjoy!

Me: Who comes first in "Michael & Michael," is your Michael first or is it Michael Showalter's?

Michael: Surprisingly enough it's Michael Bay. He paid a tremendous amount of money to get the licensing for that and we said 'ok.' It's basically Michael Bay product placement, both Michaels actually refer to Michael Bay.

Me: So do you miss David Wain? Is it weird being in a sketch show without him?

Michael: It's so much better without David Wain. So much better. No I do miss David very much and unfortunately he's become a big shot Hollywood director now. You know which is bullshit, particularly because I wasn't in his last movie which was bullshit.

Me: So in the first episode [of "Michael & Michael"] you fired your intern. Have you ever fired an intern in real life?

Michael: I've never fired anybody in real life.

Me: Really?

Michael: Well I mean I have underlings that fire people for me. I don't get my hands dirty you understand. I have to stay above the fray in order to preserve my nice guy clean cut image. Behind the scenes I'm stabbing people in the back left and right.

Me: Which you would have done to LeVar if he hadn't done it to you first...

Michael: The fact that LeVar outflanked me like that still gets my goat. Ugh that LeVar Burton.

Me: Have your kids seen your work?

Michael: They've seen a little bit of it...there's certain things they can't see like my love scene with Bradley Cooper in "Wet Hot American Summer," that may not go over so well in my house. I come from a very conservative household. Led by me.

Me: Really? So what kind of conservative rules do you impose in your household?

Michael: Uh, no sex between me and my wife. That's more of her rule than mine.

Me: So those children were just a fluke?

The children were a fluke. Well, I'm not convinced they're hers.

Me: So after having done shows you've written yourself and having done shows you haven't [written], which do you prefer?

Michael: Well they're both fun for different reasons. It's obviously fun to have control, because you get to see something through from conception to execution. But it's also fun to show up say and somebody else's words and spend most of the time napping in your trailer. In fact I think I might prefer that, any job that includes napping I think I prefer...Do you get to nap much at Huffington?

Me: All the time. That's all I do.

Michael: That's what liberal elites do right?

Me: Right.