The Creators Project and Technology's Double-Edged Sword

06/26/2010 03:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The paint isn’t even dry yet at New York’s Milk Studios, where dozens of artists and hordes of fans are about to be spilling over each other – and spilling their drinks all over the place – as they indulge in what will certainly be the most interesting techno-culture festival in recent memory.

But when the big acts hit the stages at the Creators Project launch event later on (including a certain acroynymed songstress, hint hint), proving just how far technology can take us when we know how to use it, it's worth remembering the dangers that come with over-reliance on technology too.

See the Creators Project event live here

(I'm the editor of Motherboard, which is part of Vice/VBS, the creator of the Creators Project).