David Zwirner: 'The House Without the Door '

07/17/2011 05:55 am ET | Updated Sep 16, 2011

Finding inspiration in Emily Dickinson's poem Doom is the House without the Door, this exhibition considers the idea of the home as a charged, psychological space. Frequently identified with her family's home, where she produced much of her work, Dickinson has been described as an "eccentric recluse, wedded to her interiority." Feminist scholar Diana Fuss has argued that for Dickinson, "interiority was a complicated conceptual problem, continually posited and reexamined in a body of writing that relies heavily on spatial metaphors to advance its recurrent themes." Similarly, the works in The House Without the Door are characterized by their ability to explore myriad issues related to interiority and domesticity--such as agoraphobia, self-imprisonment, domestic abuse, and memory--through understated, yet compelling gestures.

The House Without the Door

The House Without the Door features critically acclaimed artists: Adel Abdessemed, David Altmejd, Francis Alÿs, Mamma Andersson, Louise Bourgeois, Michael Brown, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Maureen Gallace, Isa Genzken, Robert Gober, Mona Hatoum, Toba Khedoori, Charles LeDray, Thomas Ruff, Gregor Schneider, Luc Tuymans, Jeff Wall, and Rachel Whiteread. The exhibition will be open from July through August 5, 2011 at David Zwirner (525 West 19th Street NY NY 10011)

Images and Information courtesy of David Zwirner Gallery