11/03/2011 11:44 am ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

"Some of My Best Friends Are Ghosts!"

To the average person not well-versed in the paranormal field, the above quote used as my headline could sound rather... disturbing and in need of some mental clarity. However, nowadays I find that possibility of a persona as such highly unlikely and suspect due to the popularity of some reality television shows depicting what 'they' think resembles the field. There is something to be said about why my father, Dr. Hans Holzer, the late and great original Ghost Buster himself, would have felt this way. You see, one does not have to be a ghost buster in life to appreciate the dead or comprehend them even. No. Quite the opposite.

Father respected both the living and the dead but some days he just preferred the dead over the living. Why, you may ponder? First off, it is because he found people to be rather difficult and pretentious at times, whereas some of his ghost pals -- not so much.

He enjoyed his conversations that were always chronicled for his upcoming books with using his trance-mediums, as he was fascinated with what the mediums had to say and how deep they go to see 'inside' the soul and 'outside' the layers. After all, 'they' where once 'us' and in the process of being or have been recycled like a classic can of Coca-Cola. Oh, it can get messy once we cross over but if we get stuck, which is what a 'ghost' is versus a 'spirit' where you are free to come and go as you please, the protocols and political powers are still very much at play in death as in life. Basically, you cannot escape the reality of following some order of assemblance, a hierarchy and well, just plain rules in general. As I do concur with father that we are all one, even in death or being stuck as a ghost in-between our world and the world they need to move onto, it can all relatively still be arduous. Nonetheless, they were more appealing to converse with than a human being. For those that came from a different time and place, were the ones in particular that fascinated father the most as their use of the English language and known environment was many times innocent and digestible sometimes proving humor, personalities and foul language do exist in the after-life.

It does not go without saying that people did not please him as well, certainly the females aged between 20-40 did well by him as some were his 'Medium in-training' gals. It is simple and sometimes he would much rather have a one-on-one with a ghost in the platonic sense, of course. I hope. I think many people would at first find this strange but as time goes on, think about it and I am sure you may find one or two people in your life that you could easily pass on for conversation with a human and chat it up with the friendly neighborhood ghost!