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Conclusions Re Learning from YouTube

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This post provides some context to understand the thinking behind and learning from my 2007 Media Studies course, Learning from YouTube, recently featured in the "coolest college courses" slideshow on this page.

In this 2009 essay, "Learning the Five Lessons of YouTube: After Trying to Teach There, I don't Believe the Hype," for the on-line journal, International Journal of Learning and Media, I look back on my zany, "cool," course and itemize the limits on learning often left unobserved in the celebration of this "DIY Revolution."

Number one on my list: "DIY is new media's latest buzz-word1: "prosumers" mashing up the Simpsons, Jessica or Bart; YouTubers uploading streams of lonely video. Bollocks! Let's do pay mind to the buzz-cocks. DIY2 is nothing new. While web 2.0 may radically expand access and distribution of media to its erstwhile viewers, DIY was once punk, and it meant much more than friendly citizen-practitioner."