08/16/2013 11:38 am ET Updated Oct 16, 2013

If Everything Is Terrible, Then Nothing Is

"If everything is terrible, then nothing is."

That is the rallying cry behind the L.A based found footage collective, EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE, a group that vows to take forgotten VHS tapes and blend them together in a way that will help you "discover the meaning of life". Serious stuff for a bunch of unintentionally hilarious clips strewn together.

When I took my parents to see the Everything Is Terrible Holiday Special last December at The Cinefamily, many of my friends were skeptical about the outing. There was a look of uncertainty almost to a person, as if to say "Is that wise? Can they handle that?" Those tenuous reactions are common, and the ultimate compliment for the team of videophiles and their intensely entertaining work.

Whether Mom and Dad LaMont were ready, (they were), I felt it was important for them to experience EIT. I'm a huge fan. Huge. In all my dealings and experiences in comedy, nothing else has struck such a balance between mockery and reverence like the compilations and footage that this crew puts together. It's like watching a Jeffrey Ross roast on acid. Through the hilarity, grotesqueries and cringe inducing moments of their compilations there's a sentimentality and vulnerability that remains front and center. A real "moment in time" glimpse into our collective and desperate need to be heard, seen, and loved. EIT is a mirror of us at our most unabashedly goofy. It makes for great comedy, entertainment, and most importantly, great art.

The EIT team of clip collectors and editors is officially comprised of Airwave Ranger, Commodore Gilgamesh, Defenestrator III, Future Schlock, Ghoul Skool, Rem Lezar, WrongMan, and Yonder Vittles. The odd names may serve as a defense against litigious videographers who suddenly find their discarded footage in one of their compilations, but the names also underscore the mental mayhem that the team perpetrates on anyone fortunate enough to experience one of their hilarious and mind melting theme shows. With titles like 2 Everything 2 Terrible: Tokyo Driftand Doggie Woggiez! Poochie Woochiez! not to mention the three shows premiering this week at The Cinefamily as part of the extremely ambitious EVERYTHING IS FESTIVAL IV: THE DREAMQUEST, EIT is poised to move from the cultural fringe to a true artistic force.

Experience it for yourself. Whether its at a live EIT show like Comic Relief: ZERO, with an appearance by the gruesome and legendary Tony Clifton or through their website and YouTube Channel, and make sure you check out the playlist below with favorite clips selected by Ghoul Skool and Commodore Gilgamesh. If you're in the LA area swing by the EVERYTHING IS FESTIVAL running now through August 22nd.