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Alison Hillhouse
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Alison Hillhouse is the Senior Director of Insights Innovation at MTV, where she focuses exclusively on understanding the behaviors and psychological underpinnings of the Millennial generation. The insights her team uncover help MTV fulfill its research imperative for “radical audience intimacy” with this and every young generation throughout time.

Blog Entries by Alison Hillhouse

Class of 2011: Too Talented to Sit in a Cubicle... But Not to Roll up Their Sleeves

Posted May 25, 2011 | 15:51:33 (EST)

It's not hard to imagine how most Boomers and Gen Xers might react to a 2011 college grad declaring "I'm too talented to punch a clock or sit in a cubicle" -- especially in today's economy. He could be written-off as entitled, naïve and foolish, particularly by elders who have...

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