The Hillary Factor

09/27/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's over. Or, maybe it's not over. I'm not sure what I think of the Hillary issue. Up until yesterday, I felt doom and despair. On Sunday at the Harvard/Shorenstein Media event with all the Sunday morning talk show hosts, I would have said we'd lost it because of the disgruntled Hillary people. Special guest Governor Ed Rendell replayed all the Hillary grievances from sexism in the press to what he perceived as Obama's hypocrisies on fund raising. Some people left the room in anger. Others applauded him. Then on Monday, a number of Hillary delegates left the convention center or didn't even collect their credentials to show their lack of support for Michelle Obama. But yesterday, at the Emily's List event with Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Michelle Obama, I was sure it was all going to be okay. Hundreds of exhausted women who'd been standing for over an hour in uncomfortable shoes cheered the ticket as much as they cheered Hillary. And that was Emily's list, her core base. And her speech last night did what it had to do. But will she be able to control her disgruntled supporters? Certainly not all of them. I wanted her to go a step further. I wanted her to actually speak to the delegates holding the Hillary signs and thank them and tell them how much she appreciated their hard work and support. And then I wanted her to tell them to put the signs down, now and forever, and to hold up the unity signs and get over it. But that was asking too much. And anyway Sam thinks that just would have called attention to the recalcitrant few.

I was sitting in the Pelosi family box, right next to the Obama friends and family box and was touched by the people in both of those boxes when they applauded and held up the Hillary signs. In spite of what some reporters are indicating, the enthusiasm in the arena was not limited. It was wildly enthusiastic. But you just can't help but wonder how over the top it could be if it were simply an all out Obama convention. I think we'll find out on Thursday.