09/22/2011 06:42 pm ET | Updated Nov 22, 2011

Game Changers in Silicon Valley: Calls for Public Uprising

"You have no idea how much more you should be frustrated!" Gavin Newsom, California's lieutenant governor, was on fire in Silicon Valley last Tuesday. "Game change is leadership... If we don't get back in this game, we're in peril. We've had a 30-year precipitous decline... we have flatlined. We need to wake up!"

Newsom appeared at the Game Changers 2012 Conference in Silicon Valley September 13, along with top politicians, innovators, venture capitalists and business leaders.

California State Senator Joe Simitian echoed his frustration with polarized politics and our stagnant economy, calling for a popular public uprising.

Striking a more optimistic tone, the charismatic Shai Agassi, CEO of Better Place, the EV infrastructure, battery replacement company shared his vision for making the San Francisco Bay Area a model for the future of electric vehicles to "show Detroit... D.C. the way to go."

Weili Dai, the intriguing cofounder of Marvell, the fabless semiconductor company, reiterated the need for cooperation with China, despite several calls for taking a more aggressive stance to protect and nurture America's deteriorating manufacturing base.

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