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Allie Compton

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How My Media Job Lost Me An Apartment

(37) Comments | Posted April 29, 2013 | 10:41 AM

Last week, I was denied an apartment because I have a full-time job in the media industry.

I was feeling great. It was one of those unbelievably sunny and beautiful days in New York City. The studio apartment was in Fort Greene, a coveted neighborhood in downtown Brooklyn. It had...

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Non-Voters Take To Social Media To Express 'I'm Not Voting'

(282) Comments | Posted November 6, 2012 | 5:05 PM

Despite the constitutional guarantee of the right to a secret ballot, it seems gone are the days when it was customary to keep one's vote to oneself.

Social media erupted Tuesday with a flurry of photos of voting booths and ballots and status updates declaring whom users were voting (or...

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Bill Elkins, California Man, Slammed With 17-Year-Old Tax Bill (VIDEO)

(97) Comments | Posted October 31, 2012 | 4:18 PM

Nobody likes a letter from the tax man, especially one that says you owe money from nearly two decades ago. Enter Bill Elkins, a 66-year-old California man, who says not only did he pay his taxes 17 years ago, but if the state tax agency reaches into his account now,...

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Kayley Howson Case Revisited By Doctors Who Believe Suicide May Not Have Been Tied To Acquittal Of Rapist

(9) Comments | Posted October 31, 2012 | 11:40 AM

Doctors are revisiting the case of Kayley Howson, a UK college student who committed suicide four years ago after learning her alleged rapist had been acquitted.

After a three-year legal ordeal that culminated in a 2006 acquittal, Howson eventually hung herself from the banister of her home's stairs on...

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Charles Alexander, Homeless Man And Former Crip Gang Leader, Saves Dallas Police Officer (VIDEO)

(184) Comments | Posted October 24, 2012 | 12:15 PM

A former Crip gang leader is being heralded as a hero after body-slamming a man allegedly high on PCP who was set to attack a Dallas police officer.

"I think he's a hero," bystander Wendy Poole, who claims she was also attacked during the debacle, told CBS 11 News...

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Rachel Held Evans, Author Of "A Year of Biblical Womanhood," Spent A Year Living The Bible Literally

(2810) Comments | Posted October 23, 2012 | 4:24 PM

When Rachel Held Evans's husband, Dan, woke up one Christmas morning, he found all of his presents addressed, "To Master, from Rachel."

"I had to call him 'Master,' as the Bible says wives should submit to their husbands," Evans told The Huffington Post in a phone interview. "He was as...

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Kevin Judd, Viral Synchronized Lighting Sensation, Banned By Homeowners Association

(1) Comments | Posted October 23, 2012 | 3:46 PM

In what some are calling an overreaction by the "fun police," there will be no Halloween light-show spectacular this year from lighting and sound artist Kevin Judd.

Judd, who runs a business named Creative Lighting, is a viral sensation thanks to videos of his musically-synchronized displays. In the past,...

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Bra Detects Breast Cancer: 'First Warning Systems' Bra Uses Sensors To Detect Tumors

(83) Comments | Posted October 16, 2012 | 10:27 AM

Imagine being able to detect the first signs of breast cancer simply by putting on a bra.

For the past 20 years, Lifeline Biotechnologies has been developing and testing a "smart bra" called First Warning Systems, that it claims provides accurate screening for breast tissue abnormalities.


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Ancient Fossilized Brain: Arthropod Fossil Raises Questions About Crustacean Evolution (PHOTOS)

(685) Comments | Posted October 11, 2012 | 10:09 PM

A tiny fossilized brain is causing a big stir in scientific circles.

Scientists recently found a remarkably well-preserved fossil of a three-inch Fuxianhuia, an early type of arthropod from China. Arthropods are invertebrate animals like insects and crustaceans, and this one is a rare find that may upend...

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1943 Bronze Penny Sold For $1 Million To Bill Simpson, Texas Rangers' Co-Owner (PHOTO)

(1235) Comments | Posted September 26, 2012 | 1:35 PM

In an era when pennies are being banned and even discontinued, one pretty penny recently got very lucky.

Bill Simpson, a co-owner of the Texas Rangers, recently dropped $1 million on a rare 1943 penny sold by a coin dealer representing a long-time collector, ABC News reported.

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Dave Guillame, 'Clairvoyant,' Reveals His Secret In Safe Internet PSA Starring Hackers (VIDEO)

(120) Comments | Posted September 25, 2012 | 12:30 PM

This clairvoyant can meet you for the first time and know an uncomfortable amount of information about your life — but that's because you've already given it all to him.

In a video released by the Belgian government, strangers in Brussels were invited to meet Dave Guillame and...

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Oldest Galaxy? Hubble, Spitzer Space Telescopes Spy 13.2-Billion-Year-Old Object, NASA Says (PHOTO)

(1996) Comments | Posted September 19, 2012 | 3:07 PM

Scientists have observed what they believe to be the most distant and oldest galaxy ever detected — a discovery which could provide insight into the nature of the universe in its infancy.

“This galaxy is the most distant object we have ever observed with high confidence,” Wei Zheng, the...

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Charles Manson On Vinyl: Store Owner Selling Convicted Murderer's Never-Before-Released Prison Guitar Recordings

(195) Comments | Posted September 4, 2012 | 12:46 PM

A new record of Charles Manson's bluesy guitar songs from prison is for sale, thanks to the help of Kickstarter.

After Manuel Vasquez, the co-owner of a small independent music store in Los Angeles, was "encouraged" by the infamous mass murderer and cult leader to produce recordings on...

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Joe McEachern, Massachusetts Man, Discovers WWII Letter Thanking Late Father For Saving Dozens (PHOTOS)

(444) Comments | Posted September 4, 2012 | 9:41 AM

Soon after his father died in 1988, Joe McEachern came across a bag full of Joe Sr.'s things. Among them was a letter that would reveal the elder McEachern's unspoken heroic past.

The letter, dated April 16, 1944, reads as such:

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'Cyborg' Tissue: Harvard Scientists Create Electrical Structure That Blurs Line Between Biology And Technology

(17) Comments | Posted August 29, 2012 | 9:52 AM

In what could be a big leap for medical science, our reliance on robots could soon hit a lot closer to home.

Scientists at Harvard have created a cyborg-like tissue made of nano-wires that can reach deep into tissues and read electrical signals from cells. Headed by chemistry professor...

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Apple 1 Christie's Auction: Inoperable Original Macintosh Computer Could Fetch $126,000

(65) Comments | Posted August 29, 2012 | 9:40 AM

Die-hard Apple fans rejoice — Christie's announced today that it will be auctioning off this fall an original Apple-1 computer... that doesn't work.

But it is believed that there are only 50 left in the world, so just to have one of the coveted first personal computers from...

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Ancient Lion's Head And Armor Discovered Off Coast Of Italy

(207) Comments | Posted August 21, 2012 | 2:04 PM

Scuba divers have found what is believed to be an ancient bronze sculpture of a lion's head along with a complete suit of armor off the coast of Italy near Calabria last week.

"When I went into the water, I saw a statue that was stuck between the rocks and...

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'Baby Beluga': Whale That Inspired Popular Raffi Children's Song Dies

(444) Comments | Posted August 8, 2012 | 10:21 AM

Kavna, the beluga whale that inspired the beloved children's song "Baby Beluga" by Raffi, died from a possible cancer-related illness on Monday afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium.

The 46-year-old whale spent her life in captivity, according to the Vancouver Sun, but lived well beyond the life expectancy of...

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Largest Identity Theft Case In U.S. History: Amar Singh And Wife, Neha Punjani-Singh, Plead Guilty To Massive Fraud

(166) Comments | Posted August 7, 2012 | 9:29 AM

It has been called the largest and most sophisticated identity theft case ever seen in the U.S., according to Queens (N.Y.) District Attorney Richard Brown.

Amar Singh, 33, and wife Neha Punjani-Singh, 30, pleaded guilty last month to identity theft and enterprise corruption charges in a case involving their...

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Lauren Kornacki, Virginia Woman, Lifts BMW, Performs CPR To Save Father's Life (VIDEO)

(699) Comments | Posted August 1, 2012 | 10:54 AM

In a matter of seconds, Alec Kornacki, 52, went from fixing his car to being wedged underneath thousands of pounds of metal.

"As I go to open the garage door, I hear a primal scream, like 'Dial 9-1-1!'" Liz Kornacki, Alec's wife, told NBC 12.

The scream came from...

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