On The Scene At A Hillary Rally

02/02/2008 06:20 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I attended a boisterous rally of Hillary supporters in White Plains today. Hundreds of folks particularly union members who were nurses, teachers and, my favorite, the IUPAT. When the head of the painters union stood to speak he was flanked by about twenty or thirty of this
members, all men in black and gold jackets with like colored signs for Hillary. They looked a little like the Lollipop Guild from the Wizard of Oz all grown up and rooting for Senator Clinton. All the regular dignitaries were there, state senators, county executives, and Congress people including Eliot Engel, John Hall (very tall and bald for an-rocker!) and a real favorite of the crowd, Nita Lowey. The big draws were Kerry Kennedy and Madeleine Albright. But the drama of the afternoon was during Kennedy's talk about her personal experiences with Hillary, there was a great rustle in the midst of the dignitaries then a request for someone to call 911. It turned out that Nita had
fainted! Turned out it had been a long day for the indefatigable Lowey, who was too long on her feet with too little to eat, and then she went down. But, in her trademark cheerful style, strapped to the gurney on the way out she said, "I was overcome by my enthusiasm for Hillary!"