Pellicano Trial: Hear Hollywood Director Dish Film Gossip, Prostitutes, Cocaine and Phone Taps

04/03/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This is an audio recording of director John McTiernan (Die Hard, Rollerball) talking to Anthony Pellicano about producer Chuck Rovan and what's wrong with Hollywood. It was played for jurors this week (read about it here). In it, Pellicano is heard talking about his workload in regards to McTiernan's needs. From their conversation, it seems Pellicano is listening in on calls for McTiernan and has endless hours to listen to. He also talks about Hollywood bribes and budget overages in reference to Jodie Foster and Eddie Murphy movies.

AP: In The King and I, you should see what they did to Fox in Malaysia. On my god, it was just awful. To the tune of $2 million...
JM: They did what for 2 million? What?
AP: They spent another $2 million just on bribes and guys holding them up and everything else. You know, The King and I. They lost their ass up there. This is not for public knowledge, but yes.
JM: Pluto Nash, which is here, just is wrapping this week. $23 million over budget and only two days late, which translates to just graft... nobody budgets wrong that much.

And later about LA Confidential producer Michael Nathanson:

AP: I saved his fucking career. there was a whole lot of shit with him and prostitutes and cocaine. I saved him. This fucking guy loves me. Now if I ever called him up and said to him, McT is my guy, leave him the fuck alone, that would be the end of that.