12/18/2013 02:49 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2014

5 Ways to Revive the Xmas Magic


As you know, "The happiest time of the year" is fast approaching and with all the stressful, hectic and busy things happening in your life, it can be easy to drift away from the most joyous holiday of the year. As we grow older, we begin to see the realities of our childhood and our innocence on Christmas begins to fade. What we used to think was all presents, fun, food, Santa Claus and joy has begun to shatter with buying presents, midterms that could make the Grinch give back Xmas in no time, '90s nostalgia and inevitable growing-up-too-fast-memory-lane moments.

This year was a whirlwind and the holidays came unexpectedly this year. Unfortunately, as I've begun to reminisce, I begin to see the true meaning of Xmas and how it is losing not only its magic, but also its spirit and its essence wholly. Instead of feeling happy when you hear Christmas music, nowadays, you feel gloomy and misty to when things were better as a young child. When you see eager children run through Macy's trying to mail their wish lists to Santa in those classic and vintage mailboxes, you can't help wonder that those kids were you just a few years back. When you realized that Santa Claus did not exist was probably about the time when you lost your Christmas innocence. Or when you found out Xmas was not about the presents was just another factor of a child who grew up too fast because, no matter how much you want to show morality to children that it is a time about giving and being with family how could young children comprehend such matters.

Without further or do, to get the most out of Christmas 2013, have fun, revamp the Xmas spirit and be a child again, do these five simple and exciting things and have the best Xmas yet!

Watch Classic Christmas Films & Bake Holiday Goodies

Take a blast to the past by having an ultimate bash with your friends or family and your favorite Xmas films while making the sweetest treats of the season. How about gingerbread house making as you watch Home Alone, reminiscing on these fun adventures that could only happen to a blonde cutie and just wishing that could have happened to you when you were that age. Or adding candy canes and mints to every delicious dessert out there, it is Xmas after all. Make some fun snowmen, gingerbread men, Santa, chocolate everything and only using red and green food dye, can be your greatest source to good old holiday fun! Catch up on 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family, have a rerun marathon on your favorite shows' Christmas episodes and let the blissful memories come back!

Go Old-Fashioned Caroling

If you haven't already, you know you have always wanted to every since watching Charlie Brown and about every movie and TV show out there. Wearing matching Christmas sweaters, bonding with new and old friends and singing your heart out to the genuine and beautiful songs of Christmas can be the most heart-warming and fun experience that has ever happened. Not to mention how wonderful you can make someone feel and pass on the Xmas spirit. Afterwards, you can go out with your group to Starbucks and reminisce on your eventful night of good old-fashioned caroling.

Have an Xmas Party With Your Closest Friends

"Friends are the family, you choose to have" and why not have a fun gathering with all your closest besties? Plan a potluck, order pizza, have a slumber party with onesie pajamas and karaoke to you favorite Christmas songs. Plan fun events like making ugly Christmas sweaters, buying random Christmas sweets and giving out random candy canes to strangers. Dish your most embarrassing Xmas stories, reminisce on the most fun holiday getaways that have happened to you and make a snowman whether it's made of snow or sand, it's the thought that counts!

Impact Someone Else's Life

I don't know if many of you remember or if you ever doing such things when you were growing up but I do remember around the third grade my class sent in letters and canned foods to the soldiers who were at war. I remember how happy it felt on the inside that I was doing something selfless and helping someone else emotionally and physically. That brought me so much joy and happiness especially on such a beautiful time of the year. Understanding the true meaning of Christmas is truly invigorating. Giving a dollar to the Salvation Army Helpers outside of your local supermarket, donating canned goods, writing a thoughtful letter to a soldier, visiting a retirement home and or giving out free candy canes to every child you see is just a few simple ways to give back. Showing empathy is the most treasured feeling in the world and can make you much more happier and truly help someone you hadn't thought you could.

Head to Local Christmas Events

Nothing is more delightful than heading to the most spirited events in your own community. Head to the local theatre and watch The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol or any other Christmas play that is currently showing. Go ice-skating, stay warm and have cool fun, which might make you feel as if you are ice skating in Central Park. Go to a Christmas tree lighting celebration or even a local Xmas concert! Watching the beautiful lights at night is simply magical and hearing beautiful Christmas music is an added bonus. Attend local dance performances or take a fun arts and crafts class specifically for Christmas at your local Michael's store. Head to a nearby amusement park; I'm sure it is completely decorated with Xmas lights and it will be much more special to go when it is on a beautiful holiday because you will enjoy all the little things. The most special events are close to home, so don't miss doing these fun activities.