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Top 25 Brainy Haikus. Yours?

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Readers of our brain-focused website (SharpBrains) have contributed a good number of haikus on brain and mind related topics. Below you have my Favorite 10, plus many other fun ones for a total of 25...

Can you write a haiku describing anything crossing your mind now? Remember the simple rules: write 3 lines, which don't need to rhyme, containing 5,7, and 5 syllables. You can leave your haiku as a comment for extra points...

My Favorite 10 Brain and Mind Haikus

- GTB, the skeptic, says

Haikus are easy/
But sometimes they don't make sense/

- Techne, the philosopher, wonders:

Solve the big questions:/
How do I know when I know?/
Who knows the knower?

- Millie, the spiritual, suggests:

Playing music feeds/
my soul while reading music/
nurtures my old brain.

- jolovli, the boomer, tries again:

improving function/
smoked too much weed in college/
it's never too late

- Mark shares his experience with our teasers:

I thought I did well/
Then I reviewed my answers/
I am retard

- Steve, the environmentalist, requests:

Neuroplastic good./
Plastic, though lasts forever./
Always recycle!

- Lloyd, the stressed-out, volunteers:

I thought so damn Hard./
My brain built lots of pressure./
I farted out loud.

- anon, always the down-to-earth, shares

the noon hour portends/
a burrito with salsa/
brightening my tongue

- Chuck, Mr. No, says:

This was fun, and no,/
I don't intend to haiku./
Thanks for posting it

- Psalm sees the light:

As my mind expands,/
it grasps new ideas...oh look/
there's something shiny!!

Enjoy the many other good ones:

- Terry says:

New information/
Synthesizing my knowledge/
A forward movement

- Frank says:

Painfully easy/
Significantly harder/
Mental stimulus

- Sarah says:

finding your teasers/
added fun to my morning,/
helped wake my brain up

- Lorraine says:

teaching math is fun/
when you find great resources/
sharp brains is the place

- Mike says

See I think I see/
Here now, not so - really real?/
Wounded, mind leaves me

- Lisa

new thoughts activate/
frontal lobe work hard, harder/
no senility

- Karen

Brain training others/
Like watching the Earth open/
One thought at a time

- Bruce

My brain stem works hard,/
But the tests are much harder,/
Need more grey matter

- Alvaro

Can perform better,/
Learning, training, and practice/
Body, brain and mind

- terri

strokes take speech away/
someone should find a quick fix/
everyone needs to speak

- qt

Aha, a challenge/
for the brain to endeavour/
sooner than later

- Stacy

Brain hurts so badly/
Working night shift: not so fun/
Need to get some sleep

- campercourt

It is morning now/
The sun rose very early/
Goodmorning to you

- kestrel

first white is purple/
or it was red I think/
now haiku, what next?

- Stacey

I thought is was fun./
Then it got a lot harder./
Wow i suck at this.

Yours , please?

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