Bills End Season With Loss to Jets

01/03/2011 05:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What...a way to end the season. Like a real Bills fan, I was actually rooting for the Bills to pull out this win because #1: Why would you root for YOUR team to lose, draft pick or not? #2: I'm always down for beating the Jets. Always. #3: These blogs are a lot more fun when I'm not writing about a 38-7 mess.

Because it was a mess, for sure. A REAL mess. Such a mess that I turned it off. I never do that.

Part of the problem was that Fitzmagic was out and Brian Brohm started in his place. I'm not going to comment on his gameplay because this is the first time I've seen him handle the ball. Maybe he's actually decent. Anything is possible. What hurt him the most, I think, was his inexperience in the sense that he hasn't touched the field in a game situation all season. The Jets and their defense (caused six turnovers and scored 17 points off them) was not exactly an ideal scenario for his first appearance. To that end, our O-line should have done a much better job at providing pass protection (they kind of learned how to do that for Fitzpatrick).

People are ragging on the rest of the offensive corps for not being able to move the ball or get in a rhythm. Yeah, hypothetically they should be able to adapt to a new quarterback but realistically and in their defense, they've been used to a dynamic and special interaction and relationship with Fitz all season. It stands to reason that things wouldn't go as smoothly as planned or hoped. Freddy J had super low rushing numbers but there's only so much he can do against the Jets' impressive run D without adequate blocks.

Just like the offense didn't do a great job putting points on the board...well, any points on the board since Jairus Byrd grabbed an interception and returned it for a touchdown...the defense also didn't do a great job preventing the Jets from scoring 38 points. If I can come to the defense's defense, though, (that was clever, I know) they were consistently shuttled back on to the field with approximately 81 seconds of rest.

The season's over, let's move on to draft day.

In not so depressing and utterly pathetic game day news, Fitz finally shaved that bush he was growing on his chin and can I tell you, I completely forgot what he looked like or that he was younger than 35.