Buffalo Bills Finally Win!

11/15/2010 04:29 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

After eight excruciating weeks, the Buffalo Bills finally crawled out of their winless hole with yesterday's 14-12 victory over the Detroit Lions. No longer are we "the only winless team in the NFL." Yes, it might only be one win, but we're not holding on to that perfect record anymore, so everyone can feel free to show us some support anytime they're ready. One win, eight wins, a win is a win -- and we got one!

Sorry to disappoint you, though, my reaction wasn't what you'd expect from me. I didn't go crazy, didn't jump around and didn't really even yell. A quick clap and "yeah, boys!" and that was that. It might have been because I didn't want to disturb the cat snoozing so adorably on my lap at the time, but it's probably more accurate to say I knew we were going to win -- I had a feeling ever since I turned down a ticket to experience it front and center.

Freddy J was without a doubt the standout performance, with 133 yards rushing, 37 receiving and two touchdowns. Just goes to show that he hasn't lost last season's spark. So far this season, he's been dealing with top-rated run defense paired with a lousy offensive line, which equals limited opportunity to produce dynamic numbers. I'm glad he finally got a chance to prove he's still a dangerous force. A tip of the stiff arm to you, my boy.

I have to hand it to our defense, too. Their performance for the majority of the game continued to be an improvement from the beginning of the season. They're not perfect yet (Why did Shaun Hill have time to brush his teeth, tie his shoe or take a piss?) but they held the Lions' offense when it mattered. Like at the two-point conversion that would have pushed the game into overtime. And by holding Detroit to 12 only points. And by recording another interception. Kyle Williams, Poz, Donte Whitner and Bryan Scott had a great game, flying out of nowhere to prevent Pettigrew and Burleson from picking up more yards. With guys like Williams and Poz who are clearly big, physical and capable, I'm just wondering why they're not recording more game-defining plays. Leodis McKelvin also threw his weight around... too bad that kickoff return got called back.

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a fair game as far as passing is concerned, finishing up with 146 yards, relatively low considering he's recorded close to or more than 300 in recent weeks. He didn't throw any interceptions, though, which is an improvement, he took some HARD hits, and did anyone see him plow into a Detroit lineman so his receiver could convert on third down? Now that's what I call getting physical, you scrapper you.

My Lee only had two receptions for 52 yards, but they were flashy; a reminder that he remains one of the most underrated receivers, in my opinion at least. Stevie Johnson may not have had what the announcers considered an "explosive" game, but he contributed catches when Fitz needed him to. There's no denying that trust those two have built up. Everyone drops balls... and it was raining. Roscoe's presence was definitely missed, but Donald Jones who stepped in for him put forth a good effort.

Lindell had an uncharacteristically off day, missing a 41-yard FG, which he would typically make. Another low point: CJ Spiller left the game with a hamstring injury. Not great!

This week was encouraging. Hopefully, it will make the Bills even hungrier for a win than they were before. So Cincinnati, here they come!